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Time is kind of baffling.  Like, I listen to "What Phase Is This" and think about the times and chronology of my life and things that should be obvious hit me again. Like, my best-friend-breakup happened before I had even started at Flying V.  And like,  we knew 'Michael in the Bathroom" together, but out of context, and then by the time the show happened it meant a lot more to me.  I'm thinking about this because I was writing a tumblr thing about how I don't ship Michael & Jeremy partially because it's really important to me, personally, that "Michael in the Bathroom" is about a friend breakup.  But also, like, I've been out of college for 5 years.  I don't even know if it seems like it's been longer or less long than that; college was just so separate a phase. I met Mike just a few weeks over 5 years ago, and I kind of feel l like I've known him forever.  But the fact that Nate and Kirsten (see, no ampersand) have been together for 10 years is just bizarre and makes me feel old.

I guess maybe that fact that the phase I'm currently in involves Flying V and Mike and Nate and Kirsten (I think the ampersand temptation is because for whatever reason Nate and Kirsten sounds way better than Kirsten and Nate), and there have been interim phases between the beginnings of those relationships and now, makes those things feel like they've been part of my life forever.  But then it's kind of weird that the 10 years feels so long, because Kirsten almost literally has been part of my life forever, and if I feel like I've known Mike longer than I have, should I feel like they've been together longer?   But maybe it's different because they've still been together less than half the time I've known Kirsten, and some of those years count extra because we spent so much time together.

This doesn't have to do with anything except it's by the same guy as "What Phase Is This?" 
John Craigie, "I Wrote Mr. Tambourine Man"
In some ways, this song reminds me of conversations I have with my work bestie Lou, because we (more so him) seem to say things that sound good but don't ultimately make much sense.  We can have lengthy, interesting conversations about things we may or may not have said just to say them, though.  And there are some great lines in here.  (I also like how much John Craigie writes about other music? I guess it kind of reminds me of "Doin' The Things That We Want To" / I Saw The Land Before Time II.)

(tbh I'm actually obsessed with this song.)
(out of 7 billion people, let the ones who don't love you go/ when the apocalypse is over, I hope you like your job/ain't it a shame, nobody sets anybody free anymore.)

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