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I've done New Year's with a Point Of View.  Which is not to say that I ever make a playlist without a point of view somewhere in it, but this is just a collection of songs about the passage of time from one year to the next.

We're About 9, "Starting Over"
Dala, "Alive"
Elizabeth & the Catapult, "New Beginning"
The Mountain Goats, "This Year"
Tom Fletcher, "Something New"
U2, "New Year's Day"
Amanda Palmer, "Another Year"
Jon Snodgrass & Frank Turner, "Happy New Year"
Vance Gilbert, "New Year's Day at the Lion's Head Hotel"
Melissa Ferrick, "This Time of Year"
The Paper Raincoat, "January"
Ani DiFranco, "Red Letter Year"
Dar Williams, "You're Aging Well"
The Weepies, "Not Your Year"
Regina Spektor (cover), "My Dear Acquaintance"

Maybe this addition is more general-winter, but it's got a things-ending, apocalyptic thing going on that fits somewhere in my New Year's logic.
Vienna Teng, "The Last Snowfall"

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We all want to do more than survive, a fact I’ve thought about a lot through my recent struggles with adulthood, or whatever it is that I’m trying to do and calling that. Sometimes, I think the difference between survival and “more” is just attitude: surviving and not hating everything, surviving and being glad we did, surviving and saying hell yeah, we came through that by the skin of our teeth. This playlist I guess started years ago, when Jackie was doing literary radio playlists, as my idea of one for The Skin Of Our Teeth. I thought of it again recently when I was looking through The Skin Of Our Teeth for a project at Adventure, and later that day, driving through Beltway traffic, I thought about human resilience. I thought, “Beltway traffic, you can’t break me,” and I thought about it from the Great Human Perspective. It brought me back to that long-abandoned playlist, but I decided to focus in on songs about human resilience. The Skin Of Our Teeth is a brilliant exploration of that theme, and it’s one that underlies everything we don’t give up on. Especially when we’re not sure why.

I also think of this, now, in the context of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. On its individual level, without spanning centuries or continents, it does much the same thing. It doesn’t have the ominous overtone that Skin does, as the disasters humans survive go from natural to manmade, but it uses the same survivor attitude to look at trauma. Skin and Kimmy Schmidt are often ridiculous and absurd, and I am fortunate to never have undergone the sorts of things their characters survive (at least not directly), but the struggle they depict is very real, universal, and something that really gets to me these days. Without intending to trivialize real suffering with my “problems,” sometimes I sit behind miles of brake lights and think, “I can handle anything for 10 seconds.” (Sadly, I can't find the clip.)  Tonight, I might not be able to brake, but you can’t break me. Maybe all I can do tonight is eat Trader Joe’s (amazing) chocolate pudding (thanks Barbara) and watch 30 Rock, but I’m not broken. I come through this shit, like all the people with real problems before me.

Just FYI, this playlist is a lot less thought-out than the ridiculously long intro. Maybe I’ll make it better later, when I have fewer excuses for why I’m not doing something productive. Or maybe I’ll actually write cover letters and read scripts. Ugh, I actually do need to do those things.

“The Skin Of Our Teeth” from the musical (I can't find it on Youtube! I bet it's on Spotify though.)
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song
Joe Iconis, “Try Again
Girlyman, “St. Peter’s Bones” — I mean, I survived the loss of Girlyman.  So that's a thing.
Joe Iconis, “Everything Is Suffering
Rainer Maria, “Catastrophe
Deb Talan, “Ashes On Your Eyes
Rachel Lee, "Hard Candy Christmas"
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The beginning of a new playlist era: this is my answer to Xavid's playlist, which is based on a LARP I don't know, so I'm just going with the afterlife.  I'm running the gamit here: silly, Halloweeny, poetic, sad, existential.  I guess death is like that.

Dar Williams, “Alleluia
PJ Harvey, “Is That All There Is?
Amanda Palmer, “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” (What if the singer predeceases the “you”?  Is this not fathomable?)
Blood, Sweat & Tears, “And When I Die
Paul Simon, “The Afterlife
Maggie Anderson et. al., “Living Dead” from Jasper in Deadland
Sarah Michelle Gellar, “Something To Sing About
Patti Smith, “Frederick
He Lives In You” from The Lion King
Amanda Palmer, “Lost
Misfits, “Dig Up Her Bones” — There are probably many more straightforward Misfits songs about hell and the undead, but this is the best one I know.  My excuse when I'm lazy is the job applications.
Sharon Needles, “Call Me On The Ouija Board” — I thought this was the undead section, but I guess it’s actually the paranormal romance section?  I don’t know many songs where the undead share their experiences without the context of  romance with a living person.
Alex Day, “She Walks Right Through Me
James Marsters, “Rest In Peace
[I wanted to include a Viking folk metal song about Valhalla here.  I picked one that had cool instrumentation and yeah, the vocals were very metal, but it was like a feminist cover. Then I looked up what it was a cover of, and it’s a neo-Nazi band!  So let’s not give that views.  And my motivation to find a good Viking song is gone.]
Beat and Broken Spirits” from Jasper in Deadland
Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, “Christmas in Heaven
Ani Difranco, “Our Lady of the Underground” from Hadestown
The Doors, “A Feast of Friends
Patti Smith, “Beneath the Southern Cross
Bob Dylan, “Death Is Not The End”  This feels like it should be the last song, for some reason.  Maybe it's ironic, because death may or may not be the end, but this song is?

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