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I like the word "grimoire"

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Wow I have not updated my profile in a long time. Until now. And maybe since now.

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adventures, alpha workshop, amanda palmer, amazons, angelina johnson, armoring, artichokes, being a nerd, being weird, books, buffy, cannibalism, caroline herschel, cemeteries, chasing redbird, chickens, chugging marinara sauce, counterfactual history, critiquing, d&d, dar williams, ddr, diane duane, dog genealogy, douglas adams, drag, dramaturgy, dreams, drinking blood, duct tape, eating cheerleaders, endearing people, fantasy writing, feminism, fire, firefly, flaming arrows, folk-rock, garth nix, gathering peascods, gazing balls, girlyman, greek, hailing clairiel, hecuba, holyhead harpies, hufflepuff, humor, hyacinths, insanity, j.k. rowling, joe iconis, joni mitchell, latin, luna lovegood, making people laugh, mcguffey's 1st reader, miyazaki, monty python, mu*s, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, norfolk terriers, not wearing jeans, nutrageous bars, nymphadora tonks, oldies, orphan black, overanalysis, oz, patti smith, pickle family circus, pickles, pink floyd, playwriting, poetry, popovers, promoting enthusiasm, quests, rabid goldfish, rabid mongeese, rabid mongooses, rain, ramen, randomness, reading, red dwarf, research, riveting, rootabaga stories, sca, scattergood moo, self-deprecation, sharon needles, sherlock, silliness, simon and garfunkel, sitting in weird positions, spirit, spongmonkeys, spoonbread, studio ghibli, sublimated human flesh, tamora pierce, terry pratchett, the doors, the eye of argon, the hawaiian language, the rolling stones, thunderstorms, tolerance, typo hunting, veronica mars, william hung, words, world whistling failures, writing, zinnias, zork
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