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Fun fact, I had literally started a playlist with a song by a certain band and then the sexual assault allegations hit the spotlight and instead I got into an interesting conversation with Mike (who can't enjoy an Orson Scott Card book) about separating art from artist.  I can enjoy Orson Scott Card books, and I like Annie Hall and I generally just try not to give money to terrible people.  (But let's be real, I try to avoid giving money to most people unless I'm convinced they're gonna use it to make the world less terrible. Money is the worst.)

Anyways, I haven't decided how I feel about playlisting that particular song.  It's not, like, an important song for me, just something fun that I was feeling at that moment.  So probably I won't.  It's a little weird, though, because I had been actively trying to get into their stuff.  And it sucks that people can stand up for things you support and know cool people and then... how much does that matter if on a personal level, they do really awful things?  We used to talk a lot at Swat about sexual assault in the queer community, but I don't know that I've been aware of any "public figure" situations like this, although I easily could have missed them in the way that most of the world has missed this one (because most "public figures" in the queer community are very niche).

I don't really have a point.  It reminds me a little of a horror piece we have in Fights, which deals in some ways with the idea that you never really know what terrible things your neighbors might be doing just out of your range of perception.  And I guess it's a form of your-fave-is-problematic, but I think there's an extremely big difference between Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley pretending to be conjoined twins and rape.  (AFP has been sort of vague and noncommittal about this situation, but I don't totally blame her; I'm sure it's harder to believe accusations when they're against your friend, and it's also harder to say anything right when you're in the public eye and people are always looking to crucify you from one side or another.  It's also hard to fault her for supporting the truth and compassion, even as a cop-out, because I'd like more truth and compassion in the world.)

This evolved from what I thought it was going to be.

Humanity, man.  Sometimes I think my greatest contradiction is in misanthropy and compassion, but maybe it's like my weird inability to stay depressed, and I've never really been a misanthrope.

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