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I've done a lot of music that's still relevant, but not as much the stuff that's actually current and directly in response.
It's interesting how things seem to get folkier when it comes to immediate responses to current events, or at least the ones that cross my path.  There's something to be said for a good, old-fashioned protest song.

John Craigie, "The Silver Lining of Trump as President"
Iris DeMent, "We Won't Keep Quiet"
Jill Sobule, "Our America Back"
Greg Brown, "Trump Can't Have That"
[Future-Zan acknowledges this huge oversight: Jenny Owen Youngs, "Prophecy Girl"] (yes, it's from Buffering the Vampire Slayer, but you've all seen Buffy and even if you haven't there aren't spoilers.)

(To be fair to other genres, Green Day, "Troubled Times"
Fiona Apple, "Tiny Hands")

(And, in honor of my therapist, I'm gonna take a moment to recognize that even since my most recent bout of political nausea, a few good things have happened. Of course, the fact that these things are set up in the first place is... well.  The fight is long.  But it is being fought.)  (The thing is, every time a good thing happens, a worse thing happens.)
I think I was doing better than I am. I feel like I don't have time for my life, political freakouts, and self-care. I know I should sleep more than I do.  I make my calls, I try not to spend too much time reading news, but it's not like I can ignore what's happening. I hope the marches coming up feel as positive and supportive as the Women's March and the No Ban rally I went to.  I need that.  My ability to recover from news and move on is getting bruised.  I'm watching my "cheer up" videos and trying to do my work.  I meditated that one time, but I didn't find the time yesterday. Maybe I will today. Really, couponing seems to be the most effective self-care for me. I'm doing okay, I guess.  I am.  It mostly just wreaks havoc on my productivity.  And, you know, millions of people's rights and wellbeing and the future of the country and the planet.

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