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So, folks.  I am emotionally and physically exhausted (may have sat in the aisle on the Metro because there was a chance my legs would literally give out), but now I am finally in my bed with a bowl of soup and some fries, and here is what I am spitting out if my head about a thing that is big and beautiful and far from about me, but here is what I am learning.

-I missed the rally because I was too afraid to strike out alone.*  Mike says you couldn't really hear and he missed the Indigo Girls too, but I needn't have feared striking out alone.  You're not alone when you're in a crowd of people who love and value the same things, and who are there to stand together.  (I eventually did strike out alone, when people were done marching before I was, and the crowd felt great alone.  I think one thing I should work on in my life is when I know what I want to do but seek others' permission to do it.  Yes, I rarely know what I want, but when I do know what I want, why can't I trust myself?  Luckily, the people I ask usually pick up on what I want and say the right thing.)  I didn't see any celebrities in the crowd, either, although it seems from Twitter that JoCo and Joss Whedon and others were just marching alongside us regular folks.  But I saw a lot of fierce, dedicated people, banding together with love and determination and anger.

-I brought a good amount of snacks (although I ended up giving most of them to a homeless man) but in the future, more water.  Or at least accept an extra bottle being distributed, because the bottle I brought might have been full when I passed the bottled watter people, but by the end, I was swallowing my own throat on a very long Metro ride.

-Download some offline maps.  Come on, you could have figured that out.  Although following random people on the street generally worked well.

-How come there is always a Starbucks there, except when I really want one?  When you're thirsty and hungry and tired and in possession of a Starbucks gift card, there should definitely be a Starbucks on the way to the Metro.

-SO MANY PEOPLE.  SO MUCH TIME SPENT ON THE METRO. My back hurts and my legs ache and I almost fell asleep on my feet.  And also, note to self, when some guy offers you his seat on the Metro and you're close to collapsing, that is actually a really good time to say yes, thank you.  You don't have to say no, you're fine, if you're not quite fine.

-Also, I just have SO MANY FEELINGS.  I almost cried when I pulled up to the Metro and saw the sea of people there.  I almost cried when little girls on the Metro were discussing their favorite protest signs ("Love trumps hate," because it had hearts, and "Keep your laws off my body," on which she had traced her hands).  I almost cried at a lot of things.  And then I think about how this doesn't change what we're up against, and I want to cry a different kind of tears.  But the Metro conductor on the way home thanked us for what we were doing, and that makes me want to cry too.  Because we were doing something, and I was part of that, and we were doing it for all the people who couldn't be there and for each other, because none of us could do it without each other.  And there was so much love there, so much diversity (in so many of its forms), and so much support for each other.  This kind of thing is how the Tea Party started, and there were a lot more of us than there were of them at the beginning.  So who knows.  Maybe all won't be lost.

*The upside here is I got to catch up with Mary, whom I haven't seen in ages and whom I was not expecting to see at the March.  It was pretty great to see her.  If you include Friday, when I was able to catch Jackie for some quality time, I spent time with 3 of my favorite people (2 of whom don't live around here) and I didn't die in a ditch, although in retrospect, the assurance from Nate and Kirsten (is it better without an ampersand?) that they would come save me if I were to die in a ditch doesn't make much sense.

(If you're curious about counterprotests, I saw a grand total of 2 people in Trump paraphenalia, and probably 5-10 anti-choice protestors, who were not hostile at least as we marched by them.)

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